Snap Converter

Snap Converter 3.0 is available!

Download Snap Converter from the Mac App Store
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Snap Converter highlights:

  1. Snap Converter makes image conversion easy with an intuitive drag and drop interface. It supports standard bitmap types as well as digital Camera Raws, PDF, Photoshop, and more. View the complete list of supported file types.
  2. Batch convert hundreds or thousands of images. Let Snap Converter do the work for you. Optionally resize all images using several different resizing options.
  3. Apply text and image watermarks to your conversions.
  4. Bulk rename files in batch mode.
  5. A simple, intuitive drag and drop interface. Drag any file to Snap Converter, choose your conversion options, and then drag and drop your converted image anywhere.

For more information about Snap Converter, visit the About page.