Snap Converter

Snap Converter Features

Snap Converter has a simple interface, but includes many advanced features. Below is a list of supported features:

  1. Supports several standard bitmap file types.
  2. Supports most Camera RAW image formats.
  3. Provides text and image watermarking options.
  4. Includes an option for preserving image metadata (EXIF, JFIF, IPTC, GPS, etc.) for JPEG and TIFF output.
  5. Converts Mac icon (.icns) and Windows icon (.ico) files to standard image formats.
  6. Exports images to the Mac OS X Icon (.icns) format, with 512x512, 256x256, 128x128, 32x32, and 16x16 image sizes included.
  7. Includes a JPEG quality slider for exporting JPEG (.jpg) images.
  8. Supports image width and height adjustments and includes different resizing options: Percentage, Longest Side, Absolute Size, Fixed Width or Height, and Max Width and Height (available in version 1.2).
  9. Supports batch conversion of multiple images from a single folder.
  10. Includes a PNG file size optimization option for PNG (.png) images.
  11. Subfolder processing support in batch mode.
  12. Bulk file renaming support in batch mode.
Download Snap Converter from the Mac App Store